Purple Corn

Purple Corn is among the best in antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, and anti-obesity juice products. It's an all-natural food so you don't have to worry about overdose or side effects. If you have no problems eating corn, then this corn is for you. The only difference is, it's in juice form. You won't have to keep gnarling and chewing kilos of corn grains just to get the powerful health benefits.

Though a mere corn, it's not like your ordinary corn. First, because it's purple in color. And natural purple in fruit or grain is a rich source of super micro nutrients, like anthocyanins and lutein. Just think of the high phenolic content of purple corn which powerfully protects you from degenerative diseases. According to a study, this Peruvian corn can arrest cancer cell growths just like that because it kills 20 percent of cancer cells without damaging healthy ones.

Aside from being anti-cancer, this corn can also help normalize high blood pressure and cholesterol and sugar levels. It also prevents your body from accumulating fats. Thus, it is a good weight loss supplement both health buffs and those who want to reduce weight can take safely.

Purple corn nutrition remains stable even after heat application, like when cooking it. So there's no cause for worry over nutrient loss after cooking or boiling. Because this corn grows on Peru's high mountains, the plant has acquired natural coping properties that enable it to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. This dressed the corn up in its unique purple color. Thus, the resultant micro nutrients that also benefit the human body.

For wellness benefits, its antioxidants are good for delaying aging, say experts, and for keeping your body well proportioned, shapely, and fit.

Thus, to keep young-looking, healthy, and out of deadly illnesses as you enjoy a full life, regularly take purple corn juice. Health juice drinks like this are not a luxury anymore. You and I need it to stay fit and strong, in youth and especially as we age. And it's readily made available in Asia and the Philippines by Trenz. Remember to always ask your doctor about the health benefits of purple corn for you.

For Metro Manila, delivery is FREE for a minimum of 5 bottles (P2,200 each = P11,000). For more than 5 bottles, I'd give it to you for only P2,000 each!.

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